What to put in open when letters when you don't know where to start


Open when letters are a great way to show someone you care when you can’t physically be with them. They are perfect for long distance relationship gifts or to send with grown children when they are off to college or university. To make Open When letters truly memorable and meaningful, here are some simple ideas for things you can include in them to get you started:


A personalised handwritten letter: Write heartfelt and personal letters for each Open When occasion. Share your thoughts, emotions, and memories that are specific to the situation or moment the letter is meant for. Let the recipient know how much they mean to you and how you believe in them.


Inspirational Quotes and Poems: Include uplifting and inspiring quotes or poems that resonate with the theme or purpose of each letter. These words of wisdom can provide comfort, motivation, and encouragement to the recipient. How about a few words of wisdom from a favourite book you have both read and loved or a quote from a character or tv show?


Small Gifts and Tokens: Consider including small gifts or tokens that hold significance for the recipient. These can be symbolic items that represent shared memories, inside jokes, or their interests and passions. The gifts can range from a keychain with a special message to a favourite sweet or a trinket that reminds them of a special place – maybe include tickets to a film or a ‘coupon’ to take them somewhere when you next see them.


Comforting and self-care Items: In times of sadness or stress, include items that can bring comfort and solace. This could be a soft and cosy blanket, a scented candle, a stress-relief fidget toy, or a playlist of soothing music. These items will create a calming atmosphere and remind the recipient that you are there for them.


Personal Challenges or activities tailored to their interests. This could include suggestions for writing a gratitude journal, creating a vision board, or trying out a new recipe. Encourage them to embrace new experiences and explore their passions, maybe suggest some local groups or online classes.


Photos and Memories: Include printed photographs that capture beautiful moments and memories you've shared with the recipient. Choose pictures that hold special meaning or evoke happy memories. You can also write captions or short anecdotes about these moments to make the recipient smile and reminisce.


Playlist of Favourite Songs: Create a customised playlist of their favourite songs or songs that hold sentimental value. Each Open When letter can include a QR code or a link to the playlist, allowing the recipient to listen to the curated collection of music you have put together for them. Music has the power to evoke emotions and bring back memories and can be so soothing and uplifting too.


I hope these ideas help you to make your Open When letters truly memorable and meaningful for that special person. These thoughtful gestures will show the recipient how much you care and create a lasting impact mentally and emotionally.

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