Open when envelopes for daughter or son going away to university or college, set of 10 open when letters long distance relationship gift

Open when letters are great gifts to give to someone you care about. Perfect for a long distance relationship or a son or daughter leaving home for university or college, this can really help them settle in and be reassured that they are loved and not alone. This selection of envelopes can be purchased as individual envelopes or as a set of 10. I can even add your own wording to the front of an envelope if you choose the personalised wording option from the drop down menu.

The pre-printed envelopes available include:

A- Open when it's your birthday
B - Open when you get there
C - Open when you feel poorly
D - Open when you get your results
E - Open when you need motivation
F - Open when you need to talk
G - Open when you're missing home
H - Open when you have had a bad day
I - Open when something great happens
J - Open when you need love
K - full set of 10
Single personalised
10 x personalised

Or choose the personalised wording option if you want something different

The envelopes in the photos are A6 sized and measure approximately 6.25 x 4.25 inches but I also offer C5 sized which is larger measuring approximately 9 x 6.25 inches

I also have some lovely little stickers which complement these letters as a reminder to phone home available here: