Wire bound Recycled mixed media landscape sketchbook for panoramic art textured grey kraft 270gam card pages

These handmade landscape sketchbooks are brilliant for creating panoramic art when out and about or in the studio. They can easily be flipped so the binding is at the top, also making them tall & perfect for figure illustration too.

They have so many fantastic qualities for the artist who likes to dabble in different mediums as they work for watercolour pencils, acrylic paints, pastels, gouache and ink with sturdy 270gsm grey kraft card pages which has a lovely tooth and I personally love this for coloured pencil work. I think the grey hue of these pages make sketching easier as you aren’t starting from a ‘clean’ white page and it makes it quicker to add certain tonal values. Please note some buckling of the pages may occur with water addition, this is still a paper product.

They are wire bound on one short side to allow for the books to lie flat which makes sketching and painting easier and have string ties to keep the book closed so they also make great field note books or scrapbooks to stick found objects in, like tickets or leaves.

These are limited edition books made using recycled materials, inexpensive and eco friendly for the environmentally conscious artist.

The book in the photo in my own and shows an example of the work that could be done in the book, your book will be new and completely blank inside.

The books measure approximately 4.5 x 11.5 inches and contain 15 sheets (30 sides).

Perfect for any artist and wonderful as an eco friendly gift.